please someone help me..


idk why I'm posting on here cause I never get any responses but I have no one else to talk to. I'm 19 years old and recently was put on birth control. 2 weeks ago I started feeling all of the symptoms for pregnancy and took a test it was negative. I have still continuously been feeling as if I am. my period isn't supposed to come until Sunday the 3rd but yesterday i started spotting a lot to the point I thought I started my period but now it's gone but it wasnt normal it was brown and pink which I've never seen before. I was told I'm having a hysterical pregnancy but that just doesn't feel right. well I got a call this morning saying I had test results from a doctor I saw last week that I needed to call them back because I missed the call. I looked at my online health chart and I have no infections or uti or anything but then I looked at another chart saying I have traces of leukocytes in my urine. Me not knowing what the hell that means I looked it up and its saying it could be signs of either an infection (which I already know I dont have) or pregnancy. I've been crying for a week thinking I'm not pregnant cause I that's what want most but now this is coming up and I have to call my doctor. I just need some opinions if people who have felt with this. I dont want to get my Hope's up thinking I'm pregnant again and end up not being. so PLEASE someone who has been in this situation or anyone who even just thinks I am or not please tell me. I just want to know what's going on with my body and its honestly starting to piss me off cause this has been a constant battle of cat and mouse. Thanks!