Kate recently

Kate • TTC #3 in NYC

Nothing major to report except we’re all moved in and settled in the new house! We’re so excited to have things settled.

I start maternity leave on Friday and I’m greatly looking forward to a few weeks of relaxing (and I guess laundry) before baby’s arrival.

I checked my cervix last night for the first time this pregnancy and it’s insanely soft, like I couldn’t even feel it at first. I wonder if I’m already dilating? I have a doctors appt on Friday and she’ll do an internal exam and will be able to tell me if I’m effaced or dilated at all. Not that it necessarily means anything about labor starting though. Baby is due exactly one month from today, but I have a feeling he’ll come a little early. Though my cousin said she was so sure her daughter would come early that when she went into labor on her due date she felt like she was a week over. Definitely trying to avoid that and remember that more time baking is good for baby.