being hospitalized


Today I'm 32:2 weeks pregnant. My baby girl was diagnosed with duodenal atresia at 29 weeks. Due to the extra aminiac fluid it caused a tear in the placenta which lead me to start bleeding. I've been in the hospital for almost a week now and will have to be here for at least 5 more days without any bleeding. if I do bleed, the clock starts over on the 5 days and if I have too many bleeds i wont be going home till i deliver.I'm trying to stay strong but it's hard being in here. I'm an hr away from home so it's hard for my boyfriend to visit cause he has to take care of the dogs and has to be up at 4 to go to work every day and doesn't get home till 4 in the afternoon. I just feel alone. I know this is the best thing for her and she is doing great but it's so hard not to have a pity party for me and then I feel guilty. please send some encouragement my way