Me and my best friend have been SUPER close for about a year now.

We’re both in year 10 of school and he’s liked me since year 7 (3 years). Tbh I didn’t know he existed until last year and then we got close. For me it’s been really off and on but the past like 5 months I’ve liked him a lot (as more than a friend). We’ve talked about it a lot and we’re really open about how we like each other and lots of people know but we still aren’t dating. We always said that no matter what we’d stay friends (cliche) but we seriously mean it. He likes me so much and i don’t want to break his heart. He’s like the cliche hot boy that all the girls like and i’m not sure why he likes me because there’s so many popular girls that think he’s hot (which he is lol😉). We hang out all the time and we do everything together and text all the time. Our family’s are also kind of close but my parents know and really like him which scares me to tell them even though they’d be fine with it, it might just make them have a better eye on us /:

We still haven’t kissed yet but there’s been plenty of chances and we agreed it’s up to me to make the move because he’s already had his first kiss and I haven’t.

He isn’t pressuring me at all but I know he wants to date and I just wonder if we should?

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