Fiancé feeling kicks

Kasandra • Wife-Mother to beautiful girl -PNW🌲-dog mom-

So this is probably later than most but my fiancé has been uninterested in feeling kicks, it weirds him out. (I actually understand since I'm that way with other women's pregnancies but thought he would be different with our own) but I thought I'd post in case anyone else was going through this.

We also work opposite shifts so we don't lay down together very often but last night he came to lay down and after a while I made it non optional and put his hand on my stomach, the first kick he yelled whoa and got the biggest smile on his face. He kept his hand there for one more and then was weirded out and done. So for any of you ladies with someone similar, they definitely care even if it feels as if they don't 😊 .

I felt so alone reading everyone else's cute husband and so stories when mine didn't want to try.