I need advice on what to do. I recently got fired from my job for a dumb reason, I'm thinking my boss wanted to just get rid of me. My co-workers even back me up, but nothing helped. Unemployment denied me because my boss is labeling it as my fault he thinks I missed a project, but everyone says I was there. Anyways This only happened recently, my partner got a good factory job checking/stocking bottles from his father, my partner only ended up working 2 days which was 22 hours and received 200$. He says it was stressful and he didn't like it, now he works at a grocery store for 12 hours with 90$ a week. Us having a 1 year old I've been panicking to find a job, running around like a headless chicken to interview to interview etc.. I've tried pleading with my partner to try his factory job again but he refuses. The only thing he told me when he quit was because his line got way to fast and he ended up messing up a box cause he did it wrong. Should I try pushing him again or just let it go? Am I being to pushy? On his pay WIC has accepted me, but SNAP will not and I've tried 3 times now. I even got medical cards for us. I've told my WIC ladies this when they told me to try and they were confused as to why also.