Iam i just overreacting??

Hello Ladies..

I have been on here for about 3 years and i love the way u ladies help other womens out..

So i have been married for almost 4 years now i have a kid and ones on the way..but simce my pregnancy has started ive never been never happy i have tried to talk to my husband about it but he never seems to care.

I dont have much cravings but when i do i tell him but he tells me if its at night he tells me he will get it tomorrow and he never does because he forgets..As much as i love this guy i dont know im not happy.

I even told him that once in a while get something for me and tell me to eat it because i dont like eating fruits but i told him u get it for me and ill make sure i will eat it but he tells me no u go buy wotever u want to eat but i want him to get something for me..

I live with my in laws and first off all my father in law treats me like crap and on top if that its ramzan (its a holy month) so we do the cooking me and my MIL but its gets too hard for me to work from 4 till 9:30 in the kitchen with my toddler and then washing the dishes and cleaning and BTW my SIL doesnt fo anything she is 15 years but istill dont mind but sometimes it gets too much and whe i tell my husband he doesnt say anything

I really dont know im not happy the way my husband is but wot do u guys think im i overreacting or i have right to be moody with him.