Help! When can baby use this?!

My son is starting to become more active and alert. He has a bouncer and a rocking chair that he gets bored with after a few minutes. I only let him play in these usually once a day for however long he’s content so he’s not over stimulated as far as i know.

I think he would really enjoy something where he can move around and look around himself. I know obviously baby must be able to keep head up (which he can, and has been for a few weeks now). I’ve looked and i can’t find any recommendations on age for these types of jumpers?

Anyone tell me from experience? My baby is two months old, which i know is young but he’s a larger baby and has been holding his head up for weeks now. Would this be okay to try or would you wait it out until he’s older? I’ve also looked at other jumpers that have a little more support in the back and i would buy that. This is just an example picture!