Situation with my (ex) step-sister..

Clever Fox

So, I'm going to do my best to make sense of this. My mom was Married to someone for 10 years (10 years ago) and his daughter was my step sister.

We kept in touch for a while and we all insisted we were still family. But I was always considered the "bad girl" bc I smoked weed when i was 19 (whoopty doo, bazel) and her dad basically said i was like his own kid didnt treat me the same as her. Idk it was weird.

Down the road we both have kids, I get divorced, need a place to stay so she lets me stay with her and her hubs and 2 kids. My son would stay during my time of custody. I was grateful and all and I never went out and got shitfaced and came home at 3 am or made anything difficult but more and more I kept getting treated like a child and just not treated well in general. Every conversation was extremely condescending like "i know you're trying "find yourself" but...)" I was 27 at the time and I knew who I was I just got a damn divorce bc my ex was cheating.

When I moved out her hubs got SO mad at me he wouldnt look at me and demanded his key right then but WOULD NOT tell me what I did wrong. So, after I moved I just kinda burned that bridge with everyone of them. They made me feel constantly unwanted and judged because I was getting a divorce (like that mattered bc they had a terrible marriage and took a lot of it out on me).

I remarried to the love of my life. Ive lost a baby, lost a tube, got a new job, a lot has went down and we haven't spoken in almost 2 years and I've been much more happy than I ever was. I just don't consider them family anymore. They gave me horrible anxiety and it was hard as I had no one else within 1000 miles.

She's recently invited me to her kids' bday party. But I just deleted the message and didn't even read it.

Is that bitchy of me? To want to keep my life how it's been for two years and stay happy? I just don't want any part of it. They're extremely judgemental and have said a lot of untrue things about me and my son. On top of that my ex still affiliates with them and takes my son over there when he knows I don't want him there. He only does it to pawn off my kid so someone will watch him for him.

Blah, I'm almost 30 years old I just don't have the time nor want anymore ppl in my life that give me anxiety.

Thanks for reading, im sure that was a shit show lol.