32+6 Early Labor??

Okay, so last night/early morning.. like 2am I got up to use the restroom and noticed my leggings were damp/wet.. it was kind of weird but I figured I was sweating or something.. happened again when I got up to go again around 4am.. this time I got kind of worried because I wasn’t sure if maybe I was leaking amniotic fluids? 🤔 well I finally got outta bed around 11:30am.. I put a pad on to check to see if maybe I’m peeing myself 😂 .. I guess I should add that the sheets weren’t wet, just me.. well I also noticed that I’m cramping now too.. like period cramps.. not super painful or anything but of course noticeable.. they aren’t coming in any pattern but are coming quite frequently. I’m not sure if I should call or go to L&D..; or just wait. I’m not sure if maybe I’m just getting the normal pregnancy pains or not.. I guess I’m just looking for some advice from some of you ladies who have been in this situation..

Thank you!!