I have a problem... should i see a doctor?

Shannon • anxiety and depression are the operators of this disappointment

(UK readers will understand more probably) i hate this weather.. purely bc it drives me insane. so slight back story, if you haven’t seen me before.. i’m a hypochondriac.. it means i worry about my health a hell of a lot and i read little things like headaches in too much detail. soooo im only 16, ive literally just left school like 2 weeks ago but i still have to go in for a few exams right? and the exam stress is enough on its own to send my anxious up the wall. it’s not the actual exam that gets to me, it’s literally just knowing that i have to sit there for however long and not allowed to talk and not allowed to leave, only if you genuinely need to leave, ive only ever done that once and it was because the day before was a bank holiday and it was something ridiculous like 30*C, and i was running and exercising and sweating a lot and i don’t have 1 bottle of water like at all. i ended up getting minor heatstroke and nearly passing out in my maths exam so i had to leave 5 minutes before it ended, i couldn’t even hole my paper up for collection so i left and went home. ever since then, i’ve been incredibly aware that heatstroke is a thing AND can make you sick and dizzy and give you the runs.... all things that scare the shit out of me because i’m a hypochondriac. so the sunday just gone it was something like 25*C, hot enough to burn my back to a crisp... to the point i was crying in pin with how much it hurt me. me being me thought i was gonna get ill with that but i didn’t because i kept drinking loads and loads of water. Today comes.. i have an exam, a fairly short one and i was fine in the exam actually but i got my leavers hoodie today so i was wearing that, sweating a little bit but still drinking plenty of water. i’ve just eaten spicy tomato pasta but i couldn’t eat it all because i started to feel sick so i stopped (i do have a problem with eating too, i hate it, i hate my weight... but that’s another story), i stopped eating and then took a cyclazine (a tablet which my friend gave to me, it prevents you from being sick at ALL costs). i took that and tried to calm myself down from a panic attack and then felt my belly go weird and i had incredibly soft poops... now i’m currently sat on the loo, writing this and thinking wtf is wrong with me... i’ve literallygot soft poo because i’ve drunk so much water and because i just had something spicy that i don’t particularly like AND ivejust taken a cyclazine and therefore results to me getting the runs.

I personally think i should go to the doctors and talk to them about my problem... i am going to be writing about problems like this and more in my new blog btw, this isn’t an advertisement, this is just the slightest heads up.

Do you think i’m being too pedantic? Should I see a doctor? Can any of you relate to this? Should I stop taking pills to make me feel better? Oh and one last thing, the cyclazine are for literal last resort and if i genuinely cant bare the panic anymore but the original panic hit me so hard that i genuinely didn’t think i was gonna make it hence the intake... ugh i need help