Am I overdoing it?


***let me start by saying that I know ALL pregnancies are different and everyone’s situation is different***

That being said it still makes me curious. I work with another woman who is pregnant, but I’m about 8 weeks ahead of her. She has one child already and I think she’s only a few years older than me (I’m 24). She has only been scheduled 4 hour shifts and I was just made aware that sometimes she doesn’t even make it through the 4 hours, and she only works 4 days a week (no weekends—we work in retail).

She is also at a healthy weight when she got pregnant where I was overweight when I got pregnant.

I work 25-36 hours a week depending if I can make it and I’m considered high risk for multiple reasons. My doctor only cut me down to 8 hours a day with lifting restrictions starting in my second trimester and the ability to sit when I needed to which is fine because I want to work. It’s hard to not compare yourself to someone in a similar situation and makes me wonder if I am over doing it?

Like tonight, I am very sore in my legs, ankles, and hips, with mild swelling in my feet and ankles, but I feel extremely guilty if I say I need to go home because I am not feeling well. My original thinking was that I hear about all these other pregnant women working, so I should be able to do the same! So I kind of push myself, but now I’m wondering if I am pushing myself too much even though it’s just pushing myself to be on my feet a little longer or work to the very end of my shift or if I feel sick, I push myself to stay at work.

I’m 31 weeks now. Thoughts?