Confused, upset & ever so angry!

This is my third month of trying for baby #2, and am currently in my tww.

Anyway, my fiancé and I were chatting over coffee yesterday afternoon, and out of nowhere, he blurted out that he doesn’t want another baby (even though when we discussed trying again, he was over the moon - or so I thought). He had been spinning me bs to make me happy and avoid arguments.

As I said to him, we’re arguing more now than if he had just been honest to begin with. We’re trying for a baby, not buying a toy that we can just throw away!

So, I told him that I’d go back on the pill, and he told me not to. I told him I’d get condoms in the shopping then. Nope, didn’t want them. I then said to him that if we don’t use any protection, I will get pregnant. He shrugged and said, “if it happens, it happens.” WHAT IN THE ACTUAL HELL?!?!

Sorry guys, I really just had to get that off my chest. I haven’t told anyone that I’m trying yet.