Just furious


So I’m almost 8 weeks pregnant and my fiancé’s mom just found out I’m expecting last night. We didn’t get a chance to tell her she figured out on her own because of my not so flat stomach. My fiancé didn’t want to tell his parents any time soon cause he was afraid that they were going to cut him off as if he’s not a grown man. She kept asking him but he was denying it until he cracked this is where I begin to get pissed off. Our rainbow baby was planned and took some hard work i was also diagnosed with a cyst on my left ovary which puts me at risk for miscarriage. His mother doesn’t want tell his dad because she wants to “wait to make sure I don’t misscarry”. But in actuality she’s just ashamed because she didn’t want us to be pregnant because she has big dreams for him. She also has not called to tell me congratulations or to see if I’m okay just nothing . If it was left to her she would just sweep the whole thing under the rug.