Boy Troubles


So this guy and I went on two dates one with his friends and another without. We had an amazing time on BOTH and then the next day he like definitely stopped texting frequently and he’s been really unresponsive. I’m so confused because he seemed really interested in the idea of us and he seemed to really like me and now he’s like totally lost interest and idk why. I’ve been lowkey bugging him being like “can you tell me why you lost interest?” And now I’ve stopped. I REALLY like him and I feel like I got too attached. But he’s soooooo cute and soooo sweet but I’m so confused on what happened! We had a great time one day and then the next he’s barely responding.

My questions:

1. what happened?

2. why did this happen?

3. what do I do now? Because all I wanna do is text him...