Confused! Boy trouble!


So I’ve been talking to a guy. We were friends before we decided to take things slow. He told me he wanted to take things slow because he wants to get to know me before he asks me to be his girlfriend. It’s been two months, all of the sudden his attitude completely changed. I feel like I did something wrong. He started acting so weird and quiet around me.He recently told me he wants to cut off the “romance” and just be friends but he doesn’t want me to leave his life. He says he doesn’t wanna lose me but yet is really distant.

I’m really confused because I really like this guy and he really likes me but he isn’t ready for relationship so he says.idk if I should go numb and move on. We both love each other. He told me that he genuinely loves me. And I believe it. I just don’t get why he wants to push me away. He makes me so happy.

And just the other day we were talking and he said the real reason why he cut things off was because he was afraid I wouldn’t like his sexual side. And girl, i can be freaky when I feel it haha! But yeah anyways i’m super confused because he said he doesn’t wanna talk to any other girl. I am still his phone wallpaper🤭💜. frick idk y’all. Seems to me that he just doesn’t want to commit. I don’t feel good enough...