Innocent or creepy


So this past year a gentleman (60-70’s) at my church his wife passed away of cancer. He approached my sister (23 & beautiful, big boobs, married lol ) at her Work. (Pharmacy tech at a grocery store in town) while she was shopping. He said “ do you wear a 38 DD” mumbled it two or three times. My sister was thought that’s what he said brushed it off because it was well awkward. She said do what. He said didn’t your mother tell you that my wife has some clothes that you and your sisters might fit into. That night she contacted my mom & she said no... he never said that to me. A couple weeks later she was again shopping and said when are you going to come over and try on my wife’s bra & underwear again my sister felt awkward and changed the subject. Fast forward a few more weeks and my sister was helping a patient locate something within the medicine section of the store and she noticed him standing there. ..waiting. He approached her and said when are you going to come see me and try on some clothes & my wife’s bras. She again changed the subject. A few weeks later she was shopping again in front of the frozen meat section he approached her grab a pack of mini frozen links and put it up to her neck and said “ Is this cold?” My sister immediacy felt uncomfortable and quickly left the store. She is unsure as to handle the situation. Keep this in mind that we have known this man for years and have attended the same church. She feels super uncomfortable. If approached again she wants to let him know that NO she is not interested in the clothes. But i feel like he needs to know that 1. This is no way right. & 2. He is making her feel uncomfortable & that it is not okay. How would you handle the situation?