Is this lightning?


I'm just about 37 weeks and this is my second baby. With my first I was only 16 and that was about 7 years ago so I don't really remember much of what I went through during that pregnancy. Anyways, I've been getting this sharp, quick pain in my pelvic/vagina area. It legitimately feels like the baby is kicking me in the cervix (he's head down but that's what it feels like). It's not a constant pain, it's random and comes and goes. Typically it happens most often whenever I go from a sitting to standing position or standing up after bending over/squatting down, but it happens at other times too (sitting/lying down/walking/etc.) At first I assumed maybe he's just hitting my bladder (bc sometimes it feels like I might pee when it happens), but I get it even when he's not active at the moment. I googled it and "lightning pain" came up, so I think that's what it is? It says that means baby is making it's way into the birth canal and is getting closer to being born. Any help appreciated. 😊