How can I handle this situation?

I am currently pregnant and have baby products in various places in the house but its not taking over the house or her space n most of the places she suggested in February when her aunt flo came unexpectedly she asked if she could use some of his wipes until she can get to the store I said yes no big deal well every month since then she been using his wipes its like its become a habit and it upset me I tell her please dont use anymore and I express my feelings but she keeps saying no big deal she buy more but hasn't yet and once she ruins out one package she open another with out any regards to my feelings and it's not just wipes if she ruin out of body wash she try to use his she even tired to open up a bottle of body wash for bubble bath... The stuff I have I worked hard... I just want her to see that yes its there but not for her convince any advice will help