Did you get a BFP after AF??

I’m not too sure what to think here... has anyone ever had their period but STILL get a BFP after??

I was spotting for 9 days before AF. It started off pink and then closer it got to AF, became regular af color. AF showed up exactly on time but was only 3 days! I’m typically 5-7 days. Had a lot of clots like always, was medium on day 1, then heavy day 2 & then spotting on day 3. 😳

Yesterday, after dinner, I suddenly felt my face become very flush, almost dizzy and felt like I was going to throw up! Thankfully I didn’t but holy cow it was like it suddenly came on out of nowhere! Typically if I’m sick from food, I use the restroom, not nearly throw up!

Today I ended up with diarrhea (sorry! TMI!) but I’m not sure what set it off. Just out of nowhere like last night 😳 I know diarrhea can be a symptom, right?

Has anyone ended up with a BFP even after a period?? How soon after your period did you get a positive? I tested this morning and it was negative. 🤔