Why do dads get to do whatever?

Rant warning.. Why is it this way? Today we went swimming (me my DH & DD) but did I get to swim? no I got to watch everyone swim while I got to tend to our baby the whole time. Or when DH gets home from work pats me on the head like a dog then goes off to do whatever he wants. Uninterrupted I might add. Like you want to take an hr poop? well you go right ahead cause your dad and you can. Want to play xbox for 5hrs with friends? sure thats cool, I'll be over here having no life of my own... Idk guys it's just been really getting me down lately. I feel like I have nothing and get nothing and only get paid attention to when DH WANTS to give me attention.. what do you guys do to get over/through this? I can't be the only one.