troubling orgasming: someone help please


for the past couple of months I take FOREVER to come. I am nursing an 8 month old but I never had such troubling orgasming since she was born. it's like the feeling down there is just dead. my husband will do all the right things for over a half hour and I just can't. I try to stay focused. I try to let go and relax but it gets to the point of trying so long that I feel raw and almost numb from all the touching. I was never like that. I am so desperate and discouraged. with nursing there is not a whole lot to take that is safe while nursing. I don't get wet on my own (we use lube) and I don't get any tingly feelings down there. does anyone have any recommendations or encouragement or something that would help? I am considering seeing a doc but what would they even do for me? tia