Done apologizing for being me

Emily • Momma to Miss Emma!

I am constantly told by friends and actually my husband that I'm so loud... whether it be out of excitement, telling jokes, or simply laughing... it's always loud when I'm in a good mood. I've always responded by apologizing immediately and I'm getting tired of it. If we are at a social event or something and I try to be quiet all I hear is "what's wrong with you?" I feel like I can't win. I also hear how sassy I am all the time, which I have been my whole life... my dang nickname was sassy growing up. Ever since I started talking, I've been sassy...and I get it honest. I'm always finding myself apologizing for my character traits and I've realized lately that I'm trying to change WHO God made me to fit the mold my loved ones want me to be. Well today I vow to quit apologizing for being myself. My husband knew I was loud and sassy whe he married me. My friends know I'm loud and sassy and can quit being my friend any time they're ready. God made me who I am and it's time I start embracing it.