HELP: What to do?!


I was worked for a school district from Aug 2016 - Dec 2017. I quit due to not being able to afford childcare ( I didn't get paid much at all) and now have a job opportunity with the same school district making 5k more than what I was making.

Here is my problem. I would be working with preschool this time and we are require by law to have 2 people (teacher and para) in the room at all times other than nap time. Well I am currently breastfeeding. For me to keep my milk supply and not to become engorged I would need to pump at 9 and 12(lunch break). I am getting told that they REALLY want me but would not have the extra staff for me to be able to pump until 12! (work day is from 7 - 2:45)

😣Do I quit breastfeeding to take the job, because we need the money, or do I refuse the job so I can continue breastfeeding?!😣