When do u think its safe to tell the big brother and sister? and family


Hello Im not exactly sure how far along i am i ovulated between may 22nd-25th I had a scare the day my period was due and was bleeding went to the ER and they said it was just very early pregnancy could be a possible theartned miscarriage if my numbers didnt go up well my first HCG levels were 12.8 at 6pm on the 5th i had them redrawn on the 8th at 9am and they were 36.2 I had them drawn again this morning at 10am and they are 94.2. My question is would u tell your family i have 2 daughter 12yrs and 7yrs and a son whose 5. Also my husbands family didnt think he would ever have childern of his own so im really excited to tell them.

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