Too soon?

chastity • Taken 9/14/17🤞🏼💗 19 years old😌 Class of 18🎓

I’m super confused. I’m only 18 almost 19, just graduated high school and have a full time job. I’ve had a very hard home life and I’m currently living w my “Bestfriend” and her family. I honestly think it was the worst mistake I’ve made in a while. I’m not allowed to even walk out of the house by myself without her getting mad at me. Everything I do just pisses her off more. I just got back from Florida today and I walked in with all of my stuff in my hands and she got mad because I didn’t go straight to hug her. She stayed sitting in her chair, didn’t get up and move or anything. Finally she walked back there to where I was unpacking and the only thing she said to me was “Your boyfriend was extremely rude when I saw him yesterday” which he wasn’t. She saw him while he was getting his hair cut and she walked in and said hey and so he said hey back and then continued to tell the lady how he wanted his hair cut. Then she went and told her mom that he was extremely rude about it. So when I got home today I got chewed out by her and her mom for him being “rude” when I was 6 hours away. I was talking to my boyfriend about it and he told me if I wasn’t happy I could always move in w him. We’ve been together over 9 months now, it doesn’t seem like a long time. He’s almost 19 has a great job and lives with his mom atm but his mom said it was fine as long as I help out around the house which I don’t mind. But is it too soon for me to move in with him? I’m just really nervous about if I move in with him how it would change our relationship. His house is also closer to my little sister who I take care of every other week and he understand more about how she’s my priority then my “Bestfriend” does.