Bed time help please

Lady🐞 • Proudest Mum to my first baby 💙

Sorry wee bit long but pregnant with my second my son will almost be two when baby is born so I want to get him into s sleep routine but he just isn’t having any of it he’s not allowed to nap after three or he’s up so late should I push this back further

I start the evening routine with dinner around five then up for a bath he plays in the bath too not just in and out then he lays some more with toys in his room or we go a walk when it reaches seven I put on calm classical music or baby sleep music then get him to help me tidy his toys away like it’s a game then onto a book but he’s not s great attention span still and won’t really sit past first few ages then trying to pull his toys out again if we are reading in bed he just escapes of the bed there is screaming if I stop him or when we finally get into bed together he will have a breastfeed and then still mess around even though he’s tired by this point climbing out of bed etc I dont know if I should force him to stay in bed or what to do he just cries bad I don’t leave him any of the time I never will leave him to cry but sometimes it’s from seven to ten or eleven before he finally sleeps

I just need help to figure out is something wrong with this method I could fix or a better way to do it I can’t send hours doing this anymore with a new born on the way and I’m missing my evenings with my partner

Am I expecting too much from him is he too young still for a solid bedtime routine