Baby Daddy problems

Sarah • momma to Kayli 8/5/18 and Alayna 10/9/20 20

Is anyone else kinda feeling down in their pregnancy? :/ I'm 29 weeks as of Sunday, and I'm 18 years old. My boyfriend and I were very close (emotionally and physically) before I got pregnant, now it's like he barely wants to be near me. He doesn't enjoy spending time with me, talking to me, or being around me in general. I've noticed he's been following all these provocative profiles of women on all of his social medias, and it's kind of making me sad because I can clearly tell he is no longer attracted to me. He's expressed to me often that I better not get too fat, get any stretch marks, anything. I just feel unwanted as he's getting his thrills elsewhere... I used to have a better body, I'll admit that, but I'd definitely appreciate if he were supportive of me as it takes two to make a baby. Sorry just had to rant!