Preterm birth while taking Makena?


Has anyone had experience with taking Makena progesterone shots and still going into preterm labor? I’m a little concerned. I am 23 weeks today. I have been doing injections since 16 weeks. However, the last 2 days I have had more discharge than normal (not leaking feeling but def enough to wet my underwear and I just feel soggy down south if ya know what I mean) and today I’m having more “Braxton Hicks” than normal (been having BH since 14 weeks). I’m having a lot of pressure and the baby is moving ALOT very low! Is this something I should be concerned about. I’m high risk due to having my first child at 34 weeks and because I have Lupus. If this all continues I will be calling my doctor. I just drank lots of water and I’m chilling now!