What could it be

Uhh okay, so about two or three weeks ago, my boyfriend came to visit (we’re in a long distance relationship). We got a hotel room and planned a good night. While we were getting ready for a shower i noticed he had like a scab on his penis, you know like if you fall and you get a scab while its healing. So i googled “scab on penis” and it could possibly be hpv, genital warts, or genital herpes i think. Now i trust my boyfriend very much and know he wouldnt cheat on me. Every break he gets, he talks to me, as soon as he gets off work he’s talking to me. He gets home, shower, eat, game, occasionally text me since he’s focused on 2k or fortnite. Then we talk for a while then he goes to sleep. He came this past weekend and i kind of noticed it was still there. I haven’t brought it up yet cause i dont know how to approach the situation. When he visit again , if its still there, i’ll bring it up. Not even gonna lie, i been wanting to give him oral but not until thats gone. Has anyone ever had this problem?