A sign of twins in the future?!


***UPDATE 12/17***

Ladies I am so excited to say that I found out yesterday that I am PREGNANT!!!! On a whim tested at 10 DPO and didn’t expect to see a positive but it was there! So extremely nervous/excited. I am not sure if there is one baby or two cooking inside but so happy either way!


I have always joked with my husband (trying to freak him out) saying I thought we would have twins when we finally conceive. Funny enough someone who used to say they didn’t want kids at all says he is totally onboard with having twins! Well ever since I’ve made these comments we seem to crack a lot of eggs with double yolks, peel garlic cloves that end up being doubles, and my cousin (who I haven’t seen in years and doesn’t know we are TTC) randomly told me he thinks I’ll have twins. Today my husband was leaving for a business trip and asked I make him eggs before going and both eggs I cracked were double! I really hope this is a sign 🤞


We have kept trying to conceive a complete secret from all our friends and family because we don’t want the added stress and want it to be a surprise when it finally happens. Needless to say none of them know about my joke to my husband about conceiving twins. My 9 year old niece is in town visiting and she made the below picture for my husband and I last night. When I showed it to my husband his jaw actually dropped because she drew both of us holding a baby 😂. Unfortunately we were not able to TTC this month because I was in Italy for a business trip during my fertile window. But, as I mentioned in a comment below, my dads best friend from childhood called and told him he had a dream my husband and I were due in April and that my parents had to cancel their trip together to Italy and he told my parents to keep us apart in July bc that’s when we conceived. Here’s to hoping any of this comes true!