Sad days

I’ve been having sad days a lot lately

I haven’t been myself

I see that I have l been distancing myself from everything and everyone

I don’t go out as much parties don’t seem fun anymore

And this “love” thing...

I do want a guy to love me but I just ever feel the same towards them

Yes I may talk to guys all the time but I’m on a serious note they don’t mean anything

I found that I neglect the guys that like me,they are nice guys, idk just I don’t feel the same towards anyone .And it’s really hurting like I haven’t found someone for me ,the one for me

Once a guy tries to be nice I just don’t know it’s really staring to bother me.

My friends are there when they need me but once I need them they aren’t there

They act all different during different circumstances.

It’s all about them never about me

It’s not ok

I can’t cry

I can’t feel

I can’t really laugh

I’ve been feeling like drinking off my feelings.

And trying ignore them

But I can’t

It’s something I can’t do

I really miss the way I was

Before I got my heartbroken

Before when I was a happy little girl with no worries .

- [ Little happy girl ]