Anyone having to use Progesterone throughout their pregnancy or had cerclage?


I’m 17 weeks and 4 days pregnant with our 2nd child. First child was born at 32 weeks and I started having contractions at 20 weeks (multiple times hospitalized) water broke at home at 32 weeks and 4 days. He’s was 5lbs and stayed in the nicu for 36 days. 6 years now, healthy and smart and sweet as pie!

With this pregnancy my cervix didn’t close so at 13 weeks my dr performed a cerclage (closed my cervix) since 8 weeks pregnant she put me on progesterone. First only 200 mg once a day then switched to 200 mg twice a day since 10 weeks and she doesn’t seem to have a plan to stop it. She said it will enhance my pregnancy and stop early contractions. I was having cramping and/ or early contractions before my cerclage but nothing since. I don’t mind it if it’s doing its job but I haven’t really seen any articles about woman using throughout their pregnancy. It’s a different dr that delivered my first- actually we are in a different country so maybe that’s where my question comes to play. Is this something anyone else has been on or had to take?

Side effects-

-it’s the suppository dose so when I take my morning dose it makes a mess (tmi) all day.

- it’s cut my sex drive to zero... dr said no intercourse from 8 weeks till after my procedure at 13 weeks... okay, no problem... 2 weeks after my post procedure dr gave us the okay to twice a week but momma doesn’t have the urge ... at all...And this is not the normal for me. I’m sure it has

to do with the progesterone but I think what if it was the procedure? Did it kill my sex drive FOREVER??? Lol I’m being silly but serious. I not worried about it after the baby comes... great herbs and such help boost that back but what about the rest of my pregnancy? Anyone with similar situations?