A fantasy with authority & a Policeman who wants to fufill it!

Okay so I have a customer at work who’s been a customer for awhile. We’ve always gotten along well and recently he added me on social media, we chatted occasionally about work related things and sometimes just general social chit chat.

Well he came into work for an appointment and we were just generally chatting again and he starts talking about his career, where I had to stop him and ask again what it was because I’d completely forgotten! 🤦‍♀️

He said he was a police officer and I suddenly froze and got all awkward! I then proceeded to blurt out random things including a speeding fine I got once and how I feel sometimes cops target my car but I don’t mind because the cops usually attractive! Fuck I was a mess haha. I am so attracted to a man in uniform, policemen and army men are the two that really do it to me! It’s the whole authority and dominance thing.

He just laughed at my awkwardness and we finished up our consult at work and he left. He messaged me later laughing about what had happened earlier and basically was like wtf happened?!

I explained it’s the whole man in a uniform thing and I get like that around cops and just tried to laugh it off..

Well he took that information and ran with it! His been sending me uniform pics, or pics of his patrol car. Telling me about arrests and his day, and telling me I’m a bad girl for speeding and if he ever saw me out he’d pull me over and handcuff me.

OMG! My fantasy is to have a cop pull me over handcuff me, handle me roughly and fuck me hard on his patrol car! 😍😫

But sadly that will never happen... I am a married woman of 12 years (he knows this too) and have since explained to him it’s no longer a professional relationship outside of work so I can only talk to him at work now but his been coming in much more frequently and contacting me at work for work related questions, every now and then dropping a dirty comment or sexual innuendo. I have explained it’s inappropriate and I won’t entertain the idea.

But I can’t get the fantasy out of my head! It’s honestly disrupting my day and making me feel like a horrible person. I would NEVER, EVER act on it! I have a fantastic husband and a decent sex life but I think the fact my husband won’t dominate me or role play there’s that void that doesn’t get filled but that’s also okay as I would never use it as an excuse to cheat! (Me and hubby have spoken extensively about fantasies etc but his just not into it)

I just want to stop picturing being thrown over that police car, I’m seriously dreaming about it, what do I do to get over it?!?! 😭

Please no nasty comments I already know I’m a horrible person for fantasising about it.

Please help 😢 x