Trust issues

I’ve been seeming this guy for a while now and now we are having some issues. We frequently talk about babies and how we aren’t ready.. we BOTH agreed. but he always freaks out on me about my birth control. I take it everyday and I rarely miss it anymore! I reassure him of this every time we are together but he continues to freak out. He gets mad when I get frustrated at him for constantly yelling at me about my BC. I completely understand that he is scared and isn’t ready for kids but I’m mad because he doesn’t trust me.. which he should. I’m still in college and I wouldn’t sabotage that, but accidents happen obviously. I’m passive aggressive but I really want to tell him if he’s really that concerned and doesn’t trust me then I guess we shouldn’t be having sex 🤷🏽‍♀️ he also wants me to take pictures of me taking my birth control.... anyone else’s SO make them do this? Cause this is getting a little frustrating.