Can’t afford my prenatal care


I am in an extremely tight spot right now! I have had the same OBGYN for 4 years. He delivered my daughter and never asked for any payment up front. I go to my initial appointment 2 weeks ago, and I was given the option to pay $2,500.00 up front or $415.00 a month. Unfortunately, I can’t afford either option. This cost is for all pregnancy related tests/visits up until BIRTH ONLY. When I delivered my daughter it was nowhere near that cost. I owed roughly $650.00 for her. Which has been paid. I have never been late with any payment to my doctors office and have always been in good standing. Now they are refusing to see me until I agree to one of the payment plan options. In my state, in order to qualify for pregnancy Medicaid, a household of 4 can’t make anymore than $4,100.00 a month. My husband makes $4,200.00 🙄 planned parenthood in my area does not offer prenatal services, nor does the health department. So I am stuck! I have no idea where to go from here, and I don’t know how I will manage to go through this pregnancy without any prenatal care. I am also considered high risk! Between miscarriages, ectopics, and pre-eclampsia. If anybody knows of any other program that can assist please let me know! I reside in North Carolina. Thanks in advance!

This was a completely unplanned pregnancy. I went to the doctor for birth control and found I was pregnant.