Question for Breastfeeding Mamas

Kay • SJM 7/8/18💙 Baby #2 11/3/20💛

I will be 36 weeks pregnant tomorrow and for a while now I have had clear liquid come out of my nipples. Its just a few droplets, not a lot at all. I don’t get any leakage of anything white or yellowish like colostrum is. I know every woman is different and some don’t have any leakage at all prier to baby being born and still able to breastfeed, but I just like to make myself worry 🙄 If I’m not able to breastfeed, that’s ok, too, as long as baby is getting fed. So I was wondering if anyone else has had either no leakage at all or clear droplets like I’ve had and when baby was born your milk came in? Also, how did it go for the first couple feedings if you were in a similar situation?