Do any other moms just feel overwhelmed with things to do before the baby? I had a VERY hard school year teaching this year and I pushed a lot off until the end of the year. Now that school is out and I have one month until my due date I just feel my list will not stop. Insurance people are giving me the run around or they dont know the answers to questions. I was involved in a car crash and it started labor early (I’m ok and so is baby) but now the person who hit me (who was ticketed for reckless driving) is taking her sweet time talking with the insurance company so I have bill collectors doctors etc...calling me asking for money. And I just now got my car in to be fixed. Not to mention all the other beauties for being in your third trimester. Oh and I forgot my teaching license was going to expire at the end of May and I didn’t put paperwork in to renew, so now I have to go through this long process of renewing an expired license vs. an expiring one. Basically more paperwork and test need to now be taken. FML...sorry for the rant I’m just done with ignorance, people who can’t do their jobs or drive proper, and SO ready for my pregnancy symptoms to go away.