Married to a workaholic


My husband is a workaholic that won’t admit it’s a problem. He will always put work first. Works long hours and when he gets home either wants to talk about work or passes out. I have tried to talk to him about how this makes me feel so many times. The conversation goes nowhere.

We have one kid and I desperately wanted another but we rarely have sex so trying to conceive has been a challenge. And our sex is so boring! Super quick. I don’t even get turned on. Basically just lay there while he does his thing. He doesn’t even notice!

He never looks at me lovingly. Rarely compliments me. I cry myself to sleep so many nights feeling invisible.

On the flip side, he is a good man. Hardworking is better than lazy. Doesn’t abuse me. Is honest. Says he loves and appreciates me just doesn’t show it at all. But there is no passion. Is this how it will be for the rest of our lives? Will I never feel desired and loved again? I’m genuinely worried about this. 😔

ETA: I also work full time and handle the majority of the childcare.