I’ve had such a stressful month, and since I had never had sex till I was 22 it’s been something so new to me. I started birth control in February because obvi I don’t intend on becoming a mom rn.. despite being on the pill I’d tell my bf that it was better for him to pull out or use a condom. Till 2wks ago, around 2 days after my period ended we had sex and he came inside me. I’ve been stressing since because I’m so so so scared, and last night he had said he wasn’t going to come inside me and ended up doing so. I got soooo mad at him, and just couldn’t believe that after I told him not to he still did it. I don’t know if I’m overreacting or it’s the fact that im just so scared of coming out pregnant that gets me like this. I’ve cried so many times this month cause I’m so worried☹️ ugh.