He’s coming!!! 😍❤️


So I’m 37 weeks + 4 days now and at my OB appointment they decided because my blood pressure has been consistently high they wanted to induce me!! So I’m at the hospital all hooked up and ready.

I came in at 5 and by 6 they started me with a small pill inserted to soften the cervix because I was closed completely. Four hours later and I was getting contractions constantly and in mild pain. I had less than a cm of dilation but still dilation! So they watched for a bit longer and decided I was contracting too much for the pill to be inserted again and they started pitocin. Contractions have been 1-3 minutes apart from 11pm- now (almost 2am) and got more intense with every one. So about 30 minutes ago they gave me a pain medicine through my IV combined with a shot in my thigh. So now I feel great and more like I can do this! I was feeling very discouraged because of the pain and just kept feeling like I can’t do this but I know I’ve got this and maybe later today (June 13th) I can meet my rainbow baby boy 💙 his two siblings are in heaven and I never thought this day would come for me.