Due date baby 💙🌈


So, I felt like I was going to be pregnant forever.y due date was June 6th and I felt like my baby boy was going to stay in forever. I woke up at 12:50am with contractions. They were pretty uncomfortable but I was able to sleep through them off and on. I had an appointment at my OB’s office at 8:45am so I waited it out. At 7am my husband was getting up for work so I told him I needed him to stay home with me. I got in a warm bath because I read that helped with contraction pain. It was great! When we got to the doctor the midwife checked and I was 3cm dilated and 90%effaced. She told me to go eat some carbs and walk around for an hour then head to the hospital! I couldn’t believe I was going to meet my son soon! I got to the hospital around 12pm and was 4cm. The midwife came by around 1220pm and I was 5cm!! She said once they got my IV started she would break my water. At 1240pm she broke my water. When I got there I told them I wanted an epidural, being a first time mom I figured I would be in labor all day and I’m not good with pain. So as I’m laying in bed waiting for the epidural the contractions were getting so intense I couldn’t handle it anymore. I was pushing the call light with no response and just begging for someone to come in to give me something. Around 1:15pm a nurse comes in and checks me......I was 10cm!!!!!!!! When I told her I was just 5cm at 1240 you could sense her sense of urgency. At 1:53pm after 5 pushes my baby boy made his debut 7lb 4oz 20 3/4in long! I couldn’t believe what my body had just done. I prepared for all kinds of things that could happen once I was in labor. Everything....except what happened. Now my little man is 11 days old and we are so in love. 😍💙🌈