C section cancelled UPDATE***


Well my doctor cancelled my c section because my hemoglobin is so low and won’t even deliver until my levels are normal. It’s 7.2 and transfusion level is 7 or lower. Now let me explain why I’m pissed. I have thalassemia minor and my doctor knew from the beginning. At first my levels were okay so she decided to skip the referral to a specialist and monthly testing. This is my first pregnancy and didn’t know I was even suppose to be referred or tested monthly for this. I’m the only woman in my family with this so we didn’t know what to expect. I went to the ER yesterday because I was so weak and couldn’t get off the couch and that’s when the ER doctor told me everything and showed me all the research and procedures for pregnant women with this disease. My doctor completely chose to ignore all of this until now. I’m 34 weeks, my insurance is dragging their feet with the referral and if they don’t figure a solution out soon I can very well hemorrhage in delivery which with my levels could be fatal.

I’m iron is fine but the hemoglobin is not so if I take iron I can get iron overload and still dangerously low hemoglobin. I’m talking to high risk hospitals tomorrow to get a back up plan for me and baby’s safety but I’m so mad my doctor didn’t inform me of anything and just completely put my health problems on the back burner because one test in the first trimester looked okay and thought nothing would change.

Now I’m utterly terrified and time is running out to be able to do anything.

Update***spent all morning on the phone with insurance company. I finally got the claim past the first part of approval. They said call again tomorrow and speak with the department responsible for finalizing and setting appointments so by Wednesday I should have an appointment set up. 1 step down a few more to go.