Would you let your child go to a school that was operating under a “shelter-in-place” order?

Manda 🦈 • Staying home is the new going out. And stop inviting people over... stay home with the people you actually live with. 😷

Tomorrow my school district will open all schools (yes, we’re still in school- no summer vacation yet) under “shelter-in-place” status. This is basically a modified lock down. All exterior doors remain locked, no access is granted except to students and teachers, and we are to remain inside and away from doors/windows. This is in response to a shooting at the Art All Night event last night. (I was there, but thankfully we left before the shooting). I’ll post some article screen shots as background:

This is believed to be a gang dispute. Rumors are that at least one suspect is not in custody. I’m torn- I don’t want to go tomorrow, but I do want to see my students. (Some of them were at the event too). My question is this, do you think a school should be open if there’s a significant enough threat to warrant a shelter-in-place? I don’t, but I also know I’m not seeing this scenario objectively.