Just a bit concerned..

Please . Don’t . Say. Rude. Things.

(It just has happened to me lately and why I decide to go anonymous)

Okay so ive been seeing this guy, and we’re taking things seriously. He’s even given me roses and has given me a matching bracelets Thats say his and her only type.

Well every time we go out, I have noticed that he waits till I’m “distracted “ (or at least I feel he does) and he logs out of his Instagram. Why? I wanted to think he probably doesn’t want anything to distract him from us. Like a respect thing I guess except all he has to do is just mute his notifications correct?

Idk what to think. I don’t want to think hes like any other guy. But I may just be paranoid ? What do you guys think it may be? Or has anyone experienced this? Or any advice ? Or should I just wait and see what happens ??