Right or wrong


7 months ago i moved out of the country to live with my boyfriend I’ve been with for 2years.... and I’m 5months pregnant with our baby and i think I have to leave him.

We are crazy in love with each other and can’t imagine being with anybody else, but i have to think about the baby right?

He makes me the happiest woman alive, but at the same time when it’s bad it’s bad bad, and when it’s good it’s great.


He loves me more than anything, and I can’t see myself with anybody but him.

We are engaged expecting our baby


He cheated while I was away for a few months, with his ex, and got her pregnant, with their 2nd child.

He prefers staying late at work drinking with co workers than coming home on time ... I think he has a small drinking problem

Things I say go in one ear and out the other.... all the time. And I’m always not doing something right or good enough

Idk what I’m looking for from this post honestly, I’m just scared, emotional, feeling trapped and don’t know what’s best for this baby.