I’d love to hear how you guys set boundaries for MIL


So there are so many things I’ve been thinking about when it comes time to have the baby I’m 8 weeks. But I know my MIL and my SO Mawmaw will be all over this baby because they weren’t allowed to bond with or see my stepdaughter due to her mama. So anyways I caught wind of my SO wanting his Mawmaw and Mom in the room when I have the baby. Which I think I can nip that down real quick but just in case I need advice on that. Both his mom and Mawmaw smoke. I don’t want them smoking near my child or before they come to visit in the hospital. So I’d like advice on that. And my biggest thing is them kissing the baby. I see sooo many stories of babies dying of meningitis and it scares me. It’s one thing for me and my SO to kiss the baby but they’re going to want to kiss allll over the baby. And I’m scared that even if ask them not to they’ll say they won’t and then do it anyways. This is my first child and I’m so scared they’re going to try and hog the baby from me. Which is kinda why I don’t want them in the room with me when I do have the baby. And because it makes me totally uncomfortable and I just want it to be a thing for me and my SO. My mom will be in the room too but my mom respects my boundaries. Any advice on MIL and crazy family members would help !!