Want to try oral but I’m scared

Hey y’all! Okay so to start off, I am 25 and the first time my boyfriend went down on me 10 years ago he threw up on my leg. I know, gross right...I was young and at that time i wasn’t shaving. He said that’s why it happened. We broke up about 8 years ago. Fast forward to today...I have yet to receive oral from anyone because that first experience ruined me and it makes me super insecure down there. Guys have tried but I grab them by the hair and pull them back up and tell them no way haha.

So I’ve recently been seeing the exact same ex from 10 years ago and I really want to try it again. I shave now and know how to take care of myself and we’re both more mature. Can anyone give me some advise on how to prepare for this?! I don’t want to freak out or have it smell or taste bad. Ugh I cant believe I’m 25 and never really had a guy go down on me. Please help. Thaaaaaanks!