2 different dads , still single.

Alexandra • Loving mommaa of 2 💕💋

so I just found out a few weeks ago I am pregnant again with baby number 2 . I have a 2 year old already and her father isnt around and we never got back together. this time I was sleeping with my ex boyfriend and we are friends , but I'm pregnant now . AGAIN not in a relationship ... I feel like shit . I want a family. i dont wanna feel bad about having a baby just because I'm not with the person . I know he will be in the babys life and be a good dad. but I'm 12 weeks now and haven't even told my family because I'm ashamed ... anyone else been in a situation like this. how is it now. I need some input. and cheering up. I want to be happy with this pregnancy, not ashamed because it's not the perfect situation again