divorce and no support

I had filed for a divorce almost 2 months ago now. I had told my parents on Mother's Day and they were obviously shaken by it but, they both said they saw it coming. my husband and I were not in a healthy relationship and I was never happy. I thought having a child may make it better and it did the exact opposite. I now live with the struggles of trying to raise my 7month old as a co patent. My family has not talked to me, and no longer extends invitations to family gatherings. I called my dad 2 weeks ago and he didn't answer, my mom said he didn't want to talk to me. I texted him a happy father's day because, I was at work and my parents were at a famiky get together at my siblings that I wasn't invited to. I never got a response. My Dad has been divorced twice, my mom divorced once, my grandmother divorced once, my aunt divorced three times, my great aunt divorced twice, my sister even divorced twice but I'm disowned. My mom says it's because I divorced with a baby vs. with no children or toddler or older. How is there justifiable. I feel so betrayed and not good enough. My husband/soon ex made me feel so unworthy of love and treated me as less than equal and now I feel the same treatment from my family. I understand my divorce affects my family but shouldn't there be some support from someone. My mother even chooses my Ex's side and says she wants him to move on and find love but, I'm better off alone.